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Public Company Status

Between October 1987 and December 2016 ESTec was a public company. Effective December 19, 2016 the company ceased to be a listed company and on January 4, 2017 ceased to be a reporting issurer.

ESTec: The Markets

I. Forensic & Mechanical Engineering

II. Electronics Manufacturing

Forensic and Mechanical Engineering - Allan R. Nelson Engineering

Forensic engineering involves conducting equipment and process failure analysis. Equipment failures are generally due to metallurgical failures, stress failure, human error, improper operation, and such accidental damage or unplanned occurrences as cracking due to corrosion. Most of Allan R. Nelson Engineering's forensic business derives from consulting and researching on commercial and industrial property insurance claims, and these investigations often are completed by using the company's Billing Analysis software, an Allan R. Nelson proprietary tool.

Billing Analysis creates a detailed claims analysis associated with industrial accidents. For that reason, it is highly valued by insurance companies and damage case claimants and Billing Analysis has been recognized as a useful tool by international insurance companies, such as Lloyds of London and Fireman's.

Mechanical design, construction, measurement, and certification efforts in mining, oil, gas, and construction complement Allan R. Nelson's strong forensic work, and the Company is an acknowledged leader in this market in Canada, South and Central America, and elsewhere. Allan R. Nelson Engineering, wholly owned by ESTec Systems, has become ESTec's core business, and every year, it provides cash flow that funds research and development in our other business areas.

Click here to read more about Allan R.Nelson Engineering.

Electronics Manufacturing - Encore Electronics Inc.

Electronics Manufacturing of electronic instrumentation including signal conditioners, custom power supplies, computer controlled amplifiers and computer controlled signal conditioning instrumentation. Encore has a standard product line or we will design and assemble per your request acustom engineered unit to meet your specific requirement. Typical applications include strain, vibration, pressure, temperature and LVDT. Units are offered in DIN-Rail, modular or bench top configurations, and are used in conjunction with data acquisition systems.

Click here to read more about Encore Electronics Inc.

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